Funtastic Childcare

About Us

Here at Funtastic we know how hard it is to find child care you can trust and that meets your family’s expectations. Our staff are here to do just that!

We offer high quality care to every child who walks through our doors. We believe all children have the right to feel good about themselves and that it’s our responsibility to guide them towards that feeling. We know that choosing the right childcare is one of the most important decisions your family will make. Register now to become a part of our childcare family!

A Supportive Environment

All children will be provided diverse experiences within a supportive environment in order to meet their physical, social, emotional, and cognitive needs. Our learning environment provides needed structure while focusing on the interests of the children, their individual personalities, and their developmental levels.

Personalized Care

Each child is different, unique, and special and will be treated accordingly. Care is tailored to help your child reach important milestones while at the same time guiding them towards working with a group of friends in a classroom setting.

A Sense of Community

There is so much more to early education than school skills. Funtastic wants to help raise good people, too. Self-esteem, manners, and cooperation are encouraged through lessons, play, and social situations.

Creative Curriculum

Each classroom follows our school themes and then develops individualized lessons for the children in their class based on their interests, needs, and developmental levels. Each teacher begins to introduce more elements and experiences into their lessons as the children move through each of our classrooms.

Clear Communication

The home is the most important factor in a child’s development. Therefore, it’s very important that we care about the communication between our parents and our staff. Open, daily communication is encouraged and provided between center and home. You will receive updates on Procare, our convenient parent app, detailing your child’s activities as well as special comments and pictures from your child’s caregivers and teachers.

A Sense of Fun and Belonging

Of course, we want our children to experience some good, old-fashioned FUN! Funtastic plans many special theme-related or special day events which include our children and their families.

We are committed to creating a strong bond with you and your child, helping to ensure the best start to your child’s life.