Funtastic Childcare

Caterpillar Room


Funtastic Child Care’s Infant Program offers a warm and nurturing environment in which your baby is gently spoken to, read to, and cuddled and rocked in loving arms. Babies learn best when they have warm, engaging, and responsive relationships with their main caregivers. Our teachers provide a warm and secure home-away-from-home for infants to grow at their own pace. We welcome infants ages 6 weeks-12 months. 

Caterpillars sign

Our Infant Room is ideal for providing your infant with the calm, loving environment they deserve. 

The materials in the Infant Room are chosen to help your baby develop cognitive, language, perceptual-motor, physical, and social skills. Each of the planned activities are based on the routines and individual development of each infant in the classroom. Parents will be asked to provide their baby’s specific schedule for feeding and naps in writing upon enrollment. 

Our Goals

Even at this early age, our program is designed to encourage future success, helping your baby: