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Preschool: 3 – 4 years old

Your preschooler is more than just curious about the world around them. They have now formed the thought process of thinking symbolically. They can mentally represent objects, actions, and events. They are using their imaginations, and you can see this through their make-believe play. Our teachers encourage this learning process by offering hands-on activities while following a curriculum with a balance of child-initiated and teacher- facilitated lessons. You will be amazed as you watch your child’s mind expand along with their growing thirst for learning.

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 Our preschool classroom is designed to fit the needs of each individual child. The preschool children are learning literacy, math, science, dramatic play, music, art, and so much more! Funtastic provides  opportunities to balance both shared and independent learning experiences for our preschoolers.

Our preschool program recognizes that children learn best in a carefully structured learning environments, which include learning centers, story time, and group play. Spanish vocabulary and speech is integrated into Circle Time activities and throughout the day. Our preschoolers are also introduced to cooking with hands-on cooking lessons each month. Funtastic offers many opportunities for your child to explore their interests and participate in group activities.

Goals For Our Preschoolers:

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