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2-3 years old

At age two, you now have a little conversationalist! It is so important to continue this love of words and talking. We encourage the use of their vocabulary and continue to develop their love of language by asking questions and being patient with all of their responses. We read books and have them “read” to us and encourage their interaction and interpretation of their world around them. Our twos also love time to move, dance, and get the wiggles out. 

Our Bumblebees room provides plenty of space for them to do just that!

bumblebees sign
kids painting

Education in our Bumblebees room is all about discovery, exploration, and variety. Your child will be introduced to simple science and math, and they will continue to explore art, music, and dramatic play.

Learning how to handle big emotions is also an important part of a two-year old’s day. The staff at Funtastic know that the number one tool we have in teaching emotions to children is modeling by expressing our own emotions, labeling feelings, and talking about them out loud. 

Our teachers lead with empathy and listen attentively. Our twos will learn that we all have feelings, and we guide them to understand that experiencing different emotions is normal and OK as we provide them with the tools they need to deal with their feelings.

Objectives & Goals

Bumble Bee Room

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