Funtastic Childcare


Pre-K: 4-5 years old

Our Funtastic children start as Caterpillars in our Infant Room and emerge as Butterflies as our Pre-K program prepares them for Kindergarten! Our Pre-Kindergarten teachers work closely with each of our students to perfect and sharpen the skills they will need for Kindergarten.

butterflies sign

It is our ultimate goal to ensure that all of our students are emotionally, physically, cognitively, and behaviorally prepared for the demands of a Kindergarten classroom. Students should be able to follow instructions, communicate effectively, and exhibit good listening skills. They should also begin to display self-control, get along with and relate to others, and actively participate in physical activities. 

The children are guided in learning how to follow more structured rules and routines. Our teachers will encourage and foster your child to use their communication and problem-solving skills to help them build friendships and work through conflict resolution.

teacher and class

Funtastic understands that our Pre-K children are still very young and will learn best if they enjoy their learning experiences. Therefore, our curriculum continues to reinforce concept development through the use of songs, stories, centers, play, and Circle Time. These activities are combined with more structured teacher-directed skills reinforcement either one-on-one or in small groups. 

Math and Science topics are integrated throughout the day in order to foster interest. A passion and love for reading will be passed down to them through involved and interactive story times. They will be able to retell stories and in the process learn sequencing. pre-writing skills are enhanced through the use of journal dictation and illustration, math skills are built and challenged with the use of manipulatives and hands-on learning problems.

By the end of each student’s time in our Pre-K class, they have become confident learners, and we are proud of all that they have learned and the little person they have become! Make sure you bring your tissues as we celebrate their accomplishments at our annual Pre-K Graduation Ceremony. 

Goals For Our Pre-K Students:

Butterflies Room

butterfly room